Professional profile
Knowledge in new development programs, quality areas and customer service, capable to work under pressure , fast changes adaptation, leadership oriented to service, capable to analyze and create a teamwork to solve problems, performance focused on the productivity and efficiency to achieve the objectives of the company.

Main positions occupied
– New programs coordinator
– Supplier Quality Auditor
– Shipping supervisor and Inventory controller
– Quality Engineer
– Quality Supervisor
– Project engineer

Work experience of the different positions
– Launch new projects getting a high-level customer satisfaction.
– Participate in the feasibility analysis of new projects.
– Responsible to define the process to achieve the customer requirements.
– Responsible to schedule the new programs development in site.
– Responsible to manage the additional tooling validation.
– Responsible to manage the lots to cover all the PPAP requirements according to AIAG and VDA requirements.
– Process and control physical and environmental validation lots along the process from casting to testing.
– Communicate to program management regarding test and process results.
– Give a feedback and analyze with new products design team test and process results.
– Report to high level management the results and performance of new programs.
– Follow the new programs performance during the development process (FFT and OEE).
– Manage the new programs samples (prototypes).
– Manage the execution of engineering changes and their validation.
– Promote the team work to improve the process achieving the performance targets thru effective engineering changes implementation.
– Responsible to program the follow up the polishers performance.
– Teach our suppliers how to achieve the minimum quality management system requirements.
– Give support to supplier about how to develop a quality system.
– Give support to document supplier process.
– Audit the process and implement corrective actions at suppliers sites.
– Stay in contact with the suppliers to give them a feedback about the current concerns.
– Standardize the acceptance criteria between our incoming inspection and supplier final inspection.
– Audit the polisher quality system.
– Give support with customer warranty reports with the analysis and customer reply.
– Responsible to program the shipments to our customers.
– Stay in contact with the transportation suppliers and follow up the loads until them arrive to our customer plants.
– Stay in contact with the customers to advice about shipment status.
– Maintain the aluminum and wheel inventories accuracy with a low variation between system and physical inventory.
– Manage the shipping technicians.
– Coordinate quarterly inventories.
– Ensure the arrivals of all special deliveries to our customers. (prototypes or special deliveries)
– Manage the warehouse inventories.
– Coordinate the receiving of raw materials.
– Responsible to select our transportation suppliers.
– Responsible to reply the customer complaints in United States of America and México. (Customers: Honda, Ford, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota and Chrysler)
– Coordinate multifunctional team meetings to determine root causes of problems to solve them, using problem-solving tools and creation of action plans. Internal and external meetings.
– Develop suppliers through monitoring, audits and validations.
– Give support of new programs launch and validate their processes following the control plans, FMEAs, visual aids, work instructions and capability analysis using the product and process audits.
– Determine the condition of the product and if necessary give disposition of non conforming material or product.
– Give support to maintain the quality system.
– External support for SLP and AKRON plants as ISO TS16949 and ISO14001 auditor.
– Lead PDCA project to reduce 16% the customer rejections in the last year.
– Travel to customer locations to maintain the best relationship with the customer contacts.
– Conduct internal audits to verify the compliance with the supplier requirements.
– Participate and coordinate kaizen activities to improve processes and solve problems scrap and rework causes.
– Responsible to follow up the performance of the product with our customers before and after this was launched to mass production
– Innovation promoter in plant. 1st place of Global innovation award in Konigswinter.
– Responsible to lead a team of quality inspection with the goal of assures the good
condition and performance of the product
– Responsible to manage the metrology laboratory
– Responsible to manage the metallurgical laboratory.
– Responsible of final inspection and process auditors.
– Evaluate and determine the main causes of downtime at the painting area to build an action plan to increase the efficiency and get a higher productivity index in our plant.
– Detect possible improvement opportunities in the paint process.
– Define what kind of defects on the wheel affect more the overall index

Industrial Engineering (Universidad LaSalle)
Superior Technician in Industrial Maintenance (UTCH)

Languages English: 80%
Certified, Intensive English course for teenagers (ITESM)
Certified, Intensive conversation course for teenagers (ITESM)
Certified, Intensive English course for adults (ITESM)
IT Promodel. Intermediate
Minitab 17. Intermediate
Autocad. Intermediate
NX7. Intermediate
MS Office. Intermediate
Trans4m. Beginner
Projects. Intermediate

Training course for internal ISO 9001 auditor by BEXPRO
Certified in Windows 98’ y Office 2000 at Colegio de Estudios de Informática.
IMDS course by SPC consulting group
PPAP course by Quality House
Core tools internal course in Maxion.
Training for Internal TS16949 auditors by Maxion.
Training for Internal ISO14001 auditors by Maxion.
Problem Solving 8D’S by NISSAN
Core Tools by SPC Asesoria Avanzada
BIQS Build in Quality Supply Based
Program Management in a Lean World.
SQAM – Supplier Quality Assurance Manual Training Course by Toyota
MQC – Manufacturing Quality Chart Work Shop by Toyota

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